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Zoe is a composer, accordion soloist and performer from the Island of Samothrace in Greece. She started to play Traditional music at the age of ten alongside her violinist father, continuing the family musical tradition. When she came of age she went to Athens, where she studied piano, Harmony & Counterpoint at the “Nikos Skalkottas” Conservatory. At the same time, she started playing accordion and worked professionally as a composer and accordionist with all the famous Greek singers for over a decade. In 2006, Zoe started her personal career, performed with her own band and started touring in Greece and abroad. She is known for her highly expressive accordion sound and her uniqueness in composing and interpreting melodies combining Traditional, Tango, Latin, Jazz and Pop music styles…  Read more..

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Zoe’s Discography consists of compositions in personal albums, in compilations, soundtracks for TV-series and documentaries, but also, of personal interpretations of melodies from great contemporary and old composers. Additionally, she has made hundreds of recordings as an accordion soloist in the Greek discography.

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